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  • Are you tired of customers telling you “The check’s in the mail?”
  • Do you want to accept credit card payments via Quickbooks or on your phone?
  • Could you be paying too much in credit card processing fees?
  • Do you find the “terms of service” in your credit card processing contract to be confusing and frustrating?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, then you should get to KNOW me!

Joe Bielling, Your Merchant Guru

I’m Joe Bielling, your Merchant Guru.

By taking the mystery out of the credit card industry, you can get paid faster and easier while saving money on every transaction. Why wait? To thank you for visiting my website, here is an exclusive money-saving SPECIAL OFFER that you can redeem right now.

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Looking for a Seattle Credit Card Processing Consultant?

As a Seattle-based credit card processing consultant I’m happy to visit your local office to discuss payment processing options for your business. Learn more about our free consultation, and contact me to schedule an appointment.

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